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Document Control Officer

Salary: Negotiable Location: Queensland - Brisbane, Queensland - Gold Coast Ref: OM/0742
Description: Stand back, we're about the blow the doors off the Document Control profession with this amazing role with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. As a Document Control guru and legend, you will initially make your home in Southern Brisbane for 8-10 months before transitioning a little to the south, much like the annual migratory pattern of the lesser spotted nocturnal Swallow, to the soft sands of the Northern Gold Coast where you will remain for upwards of 2 years to see out a 3 year contract in total. So, to summarise, this is a 3 year contract with TMR and no swallows were harmed in the making of this advert.

As one of the leading Document Control experts in the Southern Hemisphere, you will likely be aware of what it takes to win numerous state/international Document Control titles, but you may not be aware of what this particular role will entail. There is no shame in this as it's a role unseen for decades and one which will be keenly contested. The great news is that we can assist you in this battle through both recruitment means and the fact that we have a man in Eastern Europe with a line into some abandoned Soviet-era arms dumps. Recruitment is our first port of call here of course but let's chat bazookas should the needs arise.

Onto recruitment so. This great role will see you undertake a whole host of your favourite duties including to:

• Create and maintain naming convention, document control checklist, populate distribution lists and incoming design register
• Register/ track transmittals and response timeframes
• Request and distribute TMR Drawing Numbers, ensuring Master Drawing Number Register is current
• Register / track design documentation.
• Upload Design Package Codes into InEight document as requested by the Design Verifier's team.
• Ensure document placeholders have been assigned the correct design package codes.
• Develop and maintain the Incoming Design Register (including saving an updated revision each month and archiving the previous version);
• Process the incoming and outgoing design submissions (all submissions should be processed within 1 – 2 business days.
• Develop and update the Document Control Management Plan as changes are required.
• Monitor all correspondence and submissions in InEight document, ensure that the Contractor’s submissions are in line with the
Contractor’s document control plan.
• Upload and distribute monthly reports in InEight document.
• Organise all meetings required by the Project Management team including room bookings, IT capability, distribution of meeting
invites and agendas. Distribute meeting minutes within 48 hours.
• Ensure all required documents have been issued with the package and aligns to the BIM Management Plan.
• Ensure all manuals are up to date including InEight document User Manual and 12d Synergy User Manual and distributed to relevant parties.
• Ensure Communications Matrix is up to date and distribute throughout InEight document;
• Coordinate resolution of InEight document issues directly with InEight Support, notifying Project Team & DTMR Systems Administrator of issues/updates.

Now, that's a feast for the Document Control senses right there and you will now, hopefully, be online with what you will be doing during your stay with TMR. What we need you to do now is to remain calm, deep breath, review teh key requirements below and ensure you hit the mark:

1. Be a legendary Document Controller (Ideally with some legendary experience)
2. Hold a drivers licence

Our job is now done and your journey must begin. As someone famous once said “every journey starts with a single application to a Seek ad”. I encourage you to follow this sage advice but, under no circumstances should you fact check that quote by any means. Note: Trust is a key component of this role.

If you have any questions about this role, and I'm sure this advert has raised quite a number, please feel free to contact Owen Millar on 0414 706 605 or at Always happy to chat (way more than is actually ever required).

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