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Environmental Education & Marketing Officer-Local Government

Salary: Negotiable Location: Brisbane, Gold Coast Ref: SC/O12
Description: Osborne Richardson never let you down in the Environmental field and this role is another fantastic opportunity off the old OR production line.

In this dream role, you will be developing and implementing innovative environmental education, marketing plans, communication campaigns, marketing strategies and promotional material.

We are seeking an Environmental legend who excels in developing, promoting and marketing key projects and programs to the community in all manner of ways (digital, social media, face to face, large events, print, etc). You will be ensuring the long-term success of projects which have the potential to truly change the landscape, for many years to come, in this large local government area.

The boring stuff about the person we would love us to be represented by is:
• Degree in environmental education, marketing or similar, and/or extensive experience in applying marketing principles in environmental education
• High level expertise in delivering best practice marketing campaigns and activities.
• Demonstrated experience in providing environmental education and environmental services, with a track record in providing highly valued outcomes for customers.
• Demonstrated skills in developing and implementing marketing and environmental education services.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and deal with people at all levels
• Excellent customer and stakeholder engagement skills

Vibrant, talkative, great communication, warm personality, superb eye for detail, outside of the box thinker, not someone we can simply work with but someone we can't work without... all exceptionally important things for us which you won't hear any other recruiter ask you but this is the mark who we truly want to represent us. We're a bit different and we love that we can bring similar people on our journey and into these great roles.

If we haven't frightened you off yet, then feel free to give Owen a call on 0414 706 605 or email, if you have any queries.
Always happy to chat.

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