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Environmental Health Officer - Local Government

Salary: Negotiable Location: Melbourne Ref: SC/O14
Description: Osborne Richardson have forged an amazing relationship with this particular client in Melbourne, Who brings a whole lot of joy into our lives. We want to reciprocate that by bringing them an EHO who makes them all warm and fuzzy. It you think you've got the goods to warm their hearts, make then smile and smash a few inspections/complaints along the way then I suggest you get in touch. You’ll never look back from this opportunity.

We will be offering a 5 month role initially which huge potential to extend onwards after this. We do pay you for the role (always a bonus) and the rate is as good as you will get in Victoria. Obviously the fantastic hourly rate is simply an added bonus to being able to partner with us and work for this great organisation... Right?

We are really keen to bring someone in who shares our passion and has a sound foundation in the key EH skills we all know and love. You don't need to be hugely experienced as we favour team fit over year of service. We do ask that you ensure you have sound knowledge across the Food Act and Food Safety Standards.

As a suitable applicant , you will be a fully qualified EHO as, funnily enough, we do favour applicants who aren't mechanics, computer technicians, otter catchers, etc. Passionate, self-driven EHOs are the ones we want to assist here. Obviously if the rush of professional otter catching has become stale and you fancy a move into EH, then give us a call and we'll help you get the appropriate qualifications.

We're always happy to chat about roles, so feel free to give Owen a shout on 0414 706 605 or email

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