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Marketing Officer - Local Government

Salary: Negotiable Location: Brisbane Ref: OM/0319
Description: When you hear the name Osborne Richardson, we of course think of only the most outstanding of roles, honest talk and an approach you just won't get elsewhere. It's rather fortunate that we can combine these fine traits with a smattering of the best roles in the country and this another one fresh off the presses.

We have ventured into the glorious, sunshine bathed and tree laden avenues of southern Brisbane for this role and we're glad we did as it's just a wonderful opportunity. We are seeking the finest Marketing Officer in the land to show themselves and take what is rightfully theirs'. Namely this fine role with our magnificent Local Government client.

As the finest Marketing Officer to roam the land, you'll know exactly what is needed to reach the very pinnacle of your profession so please forgive us for outlining the main duties of this role. You will (of course) be immersed in:
• Coordinating implementation processes dealing with Council marketing activities, including promotional schedules.
• Developing/implementing marketing and communication campaigns and strategies in support of Council's corporate and operational objectives.
• Provision of strategic marketing advice and direction to Council branches and streams on best practice marketing.
• Account managing external agencies where applicable.
• Assisting in identifying opportunities to promote Logan City through digital marketing, events and other activities as directed.

Now we've got that out of the way, we can get into the main areas of interest/concern for candidates... The key criteria upon which you will live or die (and be assessed upon):
1. Proven experience influencing best practice marketing campaigns to achieve successful outcomes aligned to corporate objectives.
2. Demonstrated substantial and successful experience in a marketing role.
3. Asian language skills, or willingness to learn, would be desirable.
4. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and deal with people at all levels and to make prompt reliable decisions within the allocated responsibilities.
5. Demonstrated ability to think strategically and to develop action strategies and schedules that align with corporate priorities taking into consideration stakeholder needs.
6. A degree in Marketing, Communication, or similar from a recognised tertiary institution would be advantageous.

If you're still reading this then it can only be a good sign. If you do have any queries that we haven't covered above (highly likely considering..), then feel free to get in touch with Owen on 0414 706 605 or at
Always happy to chat.

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