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Developments Engineer-Local Government

Salary: Negotiable Location: Ref: VH007
Description: Osborne Richardson are proud to present this opportunity to all Development Engineers in and around the Melbourne area. Initially this contract role is set to run for 2 months with a high chance of extension for the right candidate. This contract role is perfect for someone who is looking to get their foot in the door with a career in local government or already has local Government experience.

Position Objective:
To provide efficient and effective engineering development and subdivision assessment to ensure that civil infrastructure assets are provided to meet the current and future demands of the municipality and the needs of the community and Council.

Note that whilst this position is assigned to Development team, it is an expectation that the occupant may be assigned to other equivalent roles in Civil Development Services or the broader organisation. This is to provide staff development opportunities and create organisational flexibility in customer service and delivery of projects.

Key Responsibilities:
• Provide timely and appropriate response to external customer, internal customer, consultants and other organisation enquirers relating to civil infrastructure requests, which meet organisation response times.

• Provide appropriate technical and organisational advice from an engineering perspective having regard to engineering constraints, protection of Council’s assets, Council’s future proposals and local public amenity.

• Provide appropriate specialist and technical advice, and recommendations to planning permit proposals from an engineering perspective having regard to Council policies, engineering standards and constraints, protection of Council’s assets, environmental considerations, Council’s future proposals and local public amenity.

• Provide advice to Council’s Planning department relating to the requirements of developments and subdivisions for civil infrastructure, including point of discharge and building over easement.

• Provide technical expertise to check plans in relation to proposed developments and subdivisions, and other works impacting upon Council’s civil infrastructure.

• Ensure correspondence and enquiries are responded to promptly and accurately to meet Council’s response times.

• Prepare clear and concise Council reports in the correct format and containing relevant information for Council’s consideration.

• Prepare statutory reports in accordance with relevant Acts and Regulations.

Specialist Skills And Knowledge

• Skilled in problem solving, requiring investigating and application of Council policy and guidelines to resolve issues.

• Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively with a range of stakeholders including other Council staff and residents

• Detailed knowledge of civil engineering design techniques for municipal projects and situations.

• Knowledge of current industry practice relating to civil infrastructure, road safety and traffic management.

• Quality skills in investigating and preparing Council Reports, VCAT submissions and correspondence.

• Knowledge of Council’s policies relating to infrastructure issues as well as Environmental and Planning issues where related to infrastructure works.

• Knowledge and understanding of Local Government Act, Road Management Act, Planning Act and other relevant statutory Acts & Regulations.

• Understanding the long term goals of Council as they relate to provision of civil

• Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent, with relevant experience.

• All employees should understand Occupational, Health and Safety (OH&S) principles and comply with the Council’s OH&S system.

If this is something that you would be interested in or may know someone who would be interested please don't hesitate in contacting Vicky at

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