About us

Welcome to Osborne Richardson, a service-first talent consultancy. With a firm belief in a better approach to recruitment, we established our presence in 2013, leveraging our combined experience of over 75 years to deliver valuable and non-intrusive services.

Our success lies in our commitment to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships within our specialist sectors. At Osborne Richardson, we are obsessively passionate about nurturing these relationships. Whether you are a client seeking your next valuable hire or a candidate in pursuit of your next opportunity, we work alongside you with complete transparency to achieve your goals.

What sets our experienced team of recruitment consultants apart is their real-world experience within your industry. We don't just talk the talk; we have walked the same path as you. This unique perspective allows us to deeply understand and cater to your cultural and technical requirements, ensuring the perfect match for both clients and candidates.

Osborne Richardson is a purpose-driven company dedicated to empowering individuals through the value of opportunity. We go above and beyond to put people to work, making a positive impact on careers and organizations alike. Our dedication to service excellence, coupled with our industry expertise, enables us to provide the highest quality support, advice, and guidance throughout the recruitment process.

Join us at Osborne Richardson and experience a recruitment journey that prioritizes your success. Let us unlock your potential and open doors to a world of possibilities. Together, we can shape a brighter future through the power of opportunity.