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Kate Hipolito

Kate is our Adminstration officer - Talent

Kate has a passion for optimising processes. Kate plays a pivotal role in supporting our talented consultants and ensuring the seamless functioning of our operations.

Kate takes charge of various essential tasks that keep our Talent Team running like a well-oiled machine. From advertising to compliance, she ensures that our talent consultants have all the necessary tools and resources at their disposal to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

When it comes to headhunting, Kate's expertise shines through as she conducts thorough research and identifies top-tier candidates, making sure that only the most qualified individuals are considered for our clients' positions.

Not only does Kate excel in supporting the day-to-day operations, but she also thrives in handling project management tasks. From start to finish, she efficiently oversees projects, ensuring that deadlines are met, and objectives are achieved with finesse.

One of Kate's key responsibilities is database management. Her organisational prowess comes to the forefront as she maintains and updates our talent database, ensuring it remains a valuable repository of potential candidates and a powerful resource for our team.

With a collaborative spirit and a proactive attitude, Kate is always eager to take on new challenges and go the extra mile to contribute to the success of our Talent Team.


1300 109 660