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Samantha Rowe

Sam is our candidate manager

Samantha has been with the company for four and a half years and is a dedicated professional with a strong focus on compliance, candidate care, and database management. She plays a crucial role in ensuring that our company adheres to industry regulations and maintains the highest standards of ethical practices.
With meticulous attention to detail, Samantha monitors and implements compliance measures, keeping our organisation up to date with changing regulations and industry best practices. Her expertise in navigating complex compliance requirements helps our company maintain a strong reputation for integrity and trustworthiness.

In addition to her compliance responsibilities, Samantha is passionate about providing exceptional care to our candidates. She understands the importance of building and nurturing relationships, ensuring that candidates have a positive experience throughout the recruitment process. 

Samantha's expertise extends to efficient database management, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is readily available for our team. Her proficiency in utilising database systems streamlines processes and enhances the overall efficiency of our operations.



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